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Mario Murillo -

(Intro Music- "And there shall be signs in the Sun and in the Moon, and in the stars, and upon the Earth to stress of nations with perplexity, the sea and the waves roaring.  Mens hearts failing them for fear and for looking after those things which are coming on the Earth,  for the powers of Heaven  shall be shaken.  One man, one microphone, one mission, one message.  Trunews, the only newscast reporting the countdown to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.  And now for the most powerful hour on radio, here is end time newsman, Rick Wiles.")

Rick:  This is, Trunews. One hour of uncensored news, views and commentary, welcome to the program, I'm Rick Wiles.  Mario Murillo will be here in ten minutes, with a message to prophet wannabes.  Don't call yourself a prophet, unless you're willing to confront the King.  As usual, you can expect a lively discussion when Mario shows up.  Well, it's one of the deadliest forms of bacteria on planet Earth, but somebody in the U.S. military shipped samples of the Anthrax bacteria to nineteen military and civilian sites, including South Korea.  Pentagon officials say no one at those nineteen sites that recieved shipments of Anthrax spores from Dugway Proving Grounds in Utah show any signs of infection, yet the Pentagon also admits that 26 people are taking antibiotics, just in case.  Those are people who either handled the bacteria, or I should say, the samples, or were near live Anthrax bacteria.  Antibiotics were given to four lab workers at a civilian laboratory and U.S. military civilian workers at Osan Air Base in South Korea are also being treated with antibiotics out of caution.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say the labs were developing test for Anthrax.  The shipments were supposed to contain Anthrax spores that had been killed by radiation.  Live Anthrax can only be handled under bio-safety level 3 conditions.  Last March a deadly bacteria was released from Tulane National Primate Research Center, high security research lab 35 miles north of New Orleans, Louisiana.  No explanation about that release either.

America's poultry industry is getting walluped by the bird flu virus, the financial toll is soaring by the week.  Some chicken and turkey farms have been shut down.  Commercial egg farms and food processors have taken the biggest financial hit.  Egg prices are climbing in some parts of the U.S.A..  Over 32 million egg laying hens have been killed.  In all, over 40 million chickens and turkeys have died.  The wholesale price of liquid eggs sold to commercial food operations has tripled in the past month.  Restaurants that rely on breakfast sales had been advised to change their menus to eliminate items made with eggs.  So if the virus contiues to spread, McDonalds may have to sell eggless Egg McMuffins.  Cake mixes, salad dressings, mayonaise, cookies, any food product that requires eggs, will have to find a substitute ingredient.  Millions of dead bird carcasses are being dumped in local landfills, putting pressure on city and county officials to cope with mountains of diseased chickens and turkeys.  Food processor, Post Holdings said a third company owned chicken flock in Nebraska, tested positive for bird flu, to date, 35 percent of Post Holdings egg commitments have been wiped out by the fast spreading bird flu.  Post executives have warned the company may declare the bird flu virus a forced majeure event for it's Michael Food egg business.  Such a declaration would allow Michael eggs to get out of contractual obligations due to unpredictable events beyond its control.

Billionaire Bill Gates told Fox News that he doesn't fear a nuclear war or an astroid.  What he fears is a fast spreading deadly virus that could wipe out a billion people.  Mr. Gates said last years Ebola outbreak, showed him that the world isn't ready for a killer plague.  He said there's a 50 percent chance of a world wide plague in his lifetime.  Mr. Gates is a major proponent of population reduction, abortion, and vaccines.

Iranian Foreign Minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif is holding out hope for a nuclear deal with the United States and other Western powers by June 30.  Meanwhile, Reuters reported, that a North Korean delegation visited a Top Secret military research facility in Iran for the third time this year.  The information was supplied by the Paris based National Council of Resistence of Iran.  The group said six North Korean experts in nuclear warheads and ballistic missles visited Tehran in the last week of April.  The North Koreans are expected to return to Iran in June.  A report came as Iranian and American negotiators prepared to meet in Switzerland this weekend to push forward a pact over Tehran's nuclear program.  Israeli officials have pointed to the involvement of North Korean nuclear rocket experts as proof that Iran is lying and fooling the West.

U.S. Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter, strongly defended U.S. surveillance flights over artificial islands Beijing is building in the South China Sea.  He said quote, "There should be no mistake in this, the United States will fly, sail and operate wherever international law allows." end of quote.  He did not say however, what the U.S. will do to stop China from building the island runways.

Sepp Blatter, the president of world football's governing body, FIFA, is resisting pressure today to resign, after the arrest of seven FIFA executives on corruption charges.  Russian president Putin, accused the U.S. of indicting the world football league's in retaliation for FIFA giving the 2018 World Cup games to Moscow.

Great Britain will vote to exit the European Union, if the E.U. refuses to renegotiate the treaty that created the European Union.  The warning shot was fired by U.K. Foreign Secretary Phillip Hammond has Prime Minister David Cameron embarked on a trip to European capitals to make demands for treaty revisions.  France has accused Mr. Cameron of trying to dismantle the European Union. 

The International Monetary Fund has warned that judgement day is coming soon for Greece. IMF chief Christine Legarde openly admitted for the first time that a Greek exit is now a real possibility.  Greek officials have said they will run out of money in June.

If you have a puddle or a pond or any water on your property, Barrack Obama now owns it.  The Obamanista Administration announced rules this week granting U.S. federal agencies sweeping oversight over wetlands, ponds, even ditches, known as the 'Waters of the United States' rule.  The proposal by the Obama Administration would give the Environmental Agency a say in land use decisions wherever Washington deems those moves could affect important waterways.  This my friend, is Agenda 21 in action, in your face.  Mr. Obama and his communists have now decreed that they control the waterways of the United States, even down to the pond, on your farm.

I'm Rick Wiles, you're listening to Trunews, I'll be back in a minute with my guest, Mario Murillo.

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Announcer: "You're listening to Trunews the End Time newscast.  Rick will return after this announcement."  Promo break.)

Max McClain: This is Max McClain.  After the flood, what promise did God make?  Listen to the bible from Genesis, Chapters 8 and 9.  Never again will I curse the ground because of man, even though every inclination of his heart is evil from childhood.  And never again will I destroy all living creatures, as I have done, as long as the Earth endures, seed time and harvest, cold and heat, Summer and Winter, day and night will never cease.  I have set my rainbow in the clouds and it will be the sign of the covenant between Me and the Earth.  Whenever the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will see it and remember the everlasting covenant between God and all living creatures of every kind on the Earth.  From Genesis 8 and 9.

Listen to the bible.  It's great for the Soul.

Rick:  This is Trunews, the End Time newscast, I'm Rick Wiles.  We are reporting the countdown to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.  I can't think of a bigger news story to cover than the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.  Now, last Monday, was the start of our 17th year of radio broadcasting, and we give God all the glory and the honor and the praise for the blessing that He has given this ministry.  This ministry experienced more growth in the past twelve months than in all the other years combined.  Like the storybook character, 'Rip Van Winkle', Christians are waking up from a deep sleep.  They're looking and they're realizing that the world has radically changed and they don't recognize it any more.  Many of those newly awake Christians, are being led by the Holy Spirit to Trunews, and we're glad you found us.  So please tell your friends and family members about us and encourage everybody you know, who thinks like you, to download the Trunews app onto your smarphone or mobile device. We are experiencing thousands of app downloads per week,  worldwide, it's amazing what's happening.  I mentioned Washington Irvin's, 'Rip Van Winkle' story.  You know, 'Rip Van Winkle', actually, um, the plot of that story is that he slept through the American Revoulution.  He missed all the action of the American Revolution, when he awoke, he didn't recognize his country.  Well, there are alot of people sleeping through a current revolution.  This revolution isn't for freedom and liberty,  it is a communist, anti-Christ revolution, and few men in the pulpits of America even recognize it, let alone have the courage to speak against it.  Evangelist Mario Murillo is on the telephone from Reno, he says, " A preacher shouldn't call himself a prophet, unless he's willing to rebuke the King."  And I asked him to come on the program today and talk about it.  Mario, welcome back to Trunews.

Mario:  It is so good to be with you Rick and God bless America.

Rick:  Mario, uh, you were here months ago, but the changes that have taken place are staggering, in just a few months.

Mario:  Breathtaking...

Rick:  I can't... It's really hard to comprehend what's happening.  It's like watching a country commit suicide.

Mario:  Yep, and you know, it's important for the listeners to get this one piece of information.  Christians for 50 years have had the luxury of looking at bible prophecy like a Saturday serial adventure movie, that was detached from their reality.  They believed in the Rapture, One World Government, Anti-Christ, they believed in it all... but we always had this little tiny speck of escapism, that "Wow, that is really something, but is it happening in our time?"  Nobody who owns a bible can keep their head in the sand.  This thing happened overnight, but it was plotted, planned, and it was organized, by the highest level of evil that we can think of, and a master stroke where Christianity was caught flat-footed, we tried to make nice, we spent valuable time thinking that if we kept the distinctives of scripture out of our sermons, that the culture would like us.  Ended up hating us.  And I believe they ended up hating us because they intuitively knew that we were being hypocrites.  I believe that the young are sick of the genetically altered church service with the Starbucks coffee, smoke/mirrors, and fancy music.  They know that all of it spells one thing, "We don't really believe what the Word of God says,"  but now what we've seen, the changes in the military, the changes in government, the overreach, the absolute insane alteration of the Constitution, right before our eyes.  Everything that's in the Word of God is coming alive.  Everything that is happening in Irael, Iran, ISIS, it's like suddenly bible prophecy is on steroids.

Rick:  You know Mario, the problem with uh, here in America with bible prophecy teaching, is that for the last 50 years, there has been this unbiblical doctrine, that, life will be normal up to a certain point, then everything becomes abnormal.  The church's raptured taken away, and then after that everything becomes weird and abnormal, but you don't have to worry about it because you won't be here to see and experience all that stuff.  And so, because of that teaching, which is a faulty doctrine...

Mario:  Right!

Rick:  Christians have been oblivious to what's going on around them.

Mario:  Well it was satanic because it kept us from preparing.  It kept us from digging in.  I believe End Time prophecy is uniquely designed to create a dual tension.  Christ can come at every moment, but we have to live as though we're going to be here for all of it.  And had we done that, and especially this idea that you don't speak out against government.  This notion, uh, I tell people all the time, you know, I'm jealous of Dr. Billy Graham.  Not for his fame.  Not for his astonishing popularity through the years but because he lived in a time when the White House still respected God.  When he could be invited to come in and pray in the Oval Office.  There was this foundation...this bedrock of fear of God in the Nation, that kept Billy Graham out of the painful doctrines.  He was able to stay with John 3:16.  But right in the middle of the gospel sermon in the Book of Acts, Peter said, "You have with cruel hands taken the Son of God and crucified Him."  He made a political statement.  He said, you broke the law, you commited murder, and that was in the middle of a Soul winning sermon.  Billy didn't have to preach that way.  But if he was just starting out today, he would hold the current administration's feet to the fire in every sermon.

Rick:  And to...

Mario:  He'd have to.

Rick:  And to his credit, his son Franklin is doing it.

Mario:  And look at how so many that love Billy, are villifying Franklin, for doing exactly what his dad would've done at this moment.  And I look at it, Rick, I hate to keep going, you got me fired up brother, and I'm trying to stay within the parameter.

Rick:  No, no, no.  I'm gonna...I'm going to stoke the fire.

Mario:  I really feel that the people listening need to get this.  The idea that we aren't to speak out against government is a misapplication of Romans 13.  Where it says, that, "All authority is given by God, and there is no authority without God".  But then it says, "God given authority is not a threat to the righteous."  So I hear people say, that government's of God, no matter what.  And I look at them and say, "So you're saying that Stalin was Gods will for the Soviet Union, Hitler was Gods will for Germany, and of course we don't know that because the reason that war came is because of the authority of God, was in total imbalance on the Earth.  Now right now, tyranny against Christians, using the I.R.S., using illegal usage of N.S.A. in the various agencies of our government to oppress the righteous and then soft-peddle Islam, refusing to call it a war on terror, and watching pastors blindsided, sitting there, and  using a version of Grace that is not in the Word of God, to justify their silence, their capitulation, at the moment when we ought to be rising up as one voice.  And then I hear, "Well young people won't respond to that!"  Rick, I'm seeing young people get saved everytime I preach.  I'm watching the 18 to 25 crowd herd into our meetings, sit there and I tell them, "Hell is real.", I tell them, "There is a real Devil."  They actually look relieved, because secretly they said this horror movie has been playing in our Soul.  We know there is something really horrible going on.  And they say, "Preacher, because you shed light on it and then say that on the cross Christ defeated the power of the Devil, I feel peace, I feel like I can repent of my sin, I can be born again, I can leave the darkness behind, embrace God and feel His protection in this chaotic and horrible time.  What they don't want, is the feeling that they're listening to a drunk psychiatrist, give them reasons for self-esteem, that are completely invalid.  There is something evil afoot and the Church needs to rise up and confront it.

Rick:  Now Mario...

Mario:  The bible says... The bible says that God will pour out His Spirit to help us do it.

Rick:  Amen.  I kind of see it like this...uh...  The Baby Boomers...

Mario:  Yes...

Rick:  ...which you and I are a part we're like  Israelites who wandered around in the wilderness and never entered into the promised land, and they died in the wilderness.  And I, and I, this is a hard word for our generation, but listen, the Baby Boomers...history is going to record that America fell on the watch of the Baby Boomer generation.

Mario:  Course they did...of course.

Rick:  We were the hedonistic, totally self-absorbed generation, that wanted nothing other than pleasure and a life of ease.  And America has fallen during our watch.  And so now you've got the Millinials, and you've got the younger generations, and they are the ones that God, I believe, is going to pour His Spirit on.

Mario:  Yep, he's already doing it.  The reports we're getting of God pouring out His Spirit on young people who are not afraid to be told the truth.  Are not know...I think that there is such a nausea in the belly of our children that it explains why some blue-eyed, blonde girl from Oklahoma, will get on the internet and suddenly think that, "I need to join ISIS."  It's almost like they're screaming, "Is there anything worth dying for?"  "Is there anything worth marching..any banner worth marching under?"  And how disasterous that when you are left with these table scraps, that they pick something that is evil and as toxic as ISIS.  That's why when we stand up, and we say, you can march under the banner of Christ; you can be filled with the Holy Spirit; you can have authority over devils; you can speak to the generation and prophesy, and when the bible says prophesy, let me tell you brother, I'm going to get in a little trouble but, you know, it is not what we're watching on tv.  Almost half of these guys that are prophesying on tv, in my humble estimation, they are lying through their teeth.  They get up there and they go, "The Lord just showed me that he's going to bless you in the future.  That you're going to have this and you're going to have that, and I look at the prophets in the bible, and I think, what would they think of phraseology.  I mean, if you're a prophet of God and you're listening today, then you're going to talk about the holocaust of abortion. You're going to stand like John the Baptist, under the porch of the king, telling him he cannot have his brothers wife.  Tell him he can't run a God-fearing nation the way that it's being run right now.  That's a prophet!  And that's what we need, and that's why I believe young people are the hope.  I think you're right.  I think that the Boomer generation has just absolutely, practically bankrupted this country morally.  And there is a generation after them that is coming up now, and it's going to be exciting to watch what they do.

Rick:  Mario, one of my favorite Christian leaders to study is Patrick of Ireland.  And I...

Mario:  Yes...

Rick:  I have read alot of historical books on the real Patrick, not the fictional, make-believe Patrick, but the real Patrick, was an awesome man of God.  And one of my favorite stories, and I don't recall the name of the king, but basically, this is a short version of the story.  In the palace in Ireland, the kings aides came to him, and basically said, "King, we've got problems."  "What is it?"  "Patrick."  "What about Patrick?"  "What's he doing now?"  "He, he, he's walking sir..."   "What's, what's that to me?"  "Sir, he's walking to the palace."  "He's coming..."   "He's carrying the cro..."

Mario:  "He's on his way."

Rick:  "He's carrying the cross, and he's marching to see you."  And the story goes that Patrick came to the kings palace, carrying a large Christian cross, walked right up to the king and prophesied to him.  In another story...

Mario:  Wow!

Rick:  Yeah, think about that!  Think about Barrack Obama being told, "Hey, we got a problem here, there's a preacher coming."

Mario:  And brother, doesn't brother Patrick need to come to talk to Ireland today?

Rick:  Yes he does!  And by the way, because the Pagans have retaken Ireland, because the serpent was let back in.

Mario:  Right.

Rick:  Ok, but you know, listen Mario, uh, in the seventh century, was it, no, yeah, I think the seventh century, is when he was, uh, or was it the fourth century when Patrick was there...he prophesied that seven years before the end of the world, a tsunami will overtake Ireland.  That's...

Mario:  Wow!

Rick:  That's a legitimate, that is an accurate prophesy that he spoke centuries ago, that he said seven years before the end, before the day of judgement... the sea would overtake Ireland.  So he saw a tsunami.  He saw a wave coming in.  But in one of the other stories about Patrick...there was one day of the year that it was illegal to have a fire at night, because it was a night devoted to the Pagan gods, and only the king could have a fire, that was the only person permitted to have, you know, to have any kind of blaze.  Anyhow, the story goes, you know, all of Ireland is dark, there is not a flickering light anywhere, but the king walks outside and he sees on the horizon, he sees this massive orange glow, and he shouts, "Who dares to defy me?"  And his aides, you know, are saying very sheepishly, "Sir, it's Patrick."

Mario:  Hallelujah!

Rick:  (chuckles)  He's got a big fire burning, ya know.  Mario!  What has happened?  Why don't we have preachers today who are willing to stand for God?  Why are they so fearful of these ungodly Pagan politicians?

Mario:  I have got to tell you, there are traitors in the pulpit who have as surely, as 'Breaking Bad', gave us addicted science teachers, there are ministers addicted to lifestyle.  And the moment they see that something they say will affect the bottomline, it'll affect their lifestyle,  it doesn't matter at this point what it could be, when we've got pastors almost teary-eyed as they stand there explaining to their congregation why they need 65 million dollars for a jet.  Now I was on a 50 million dollar jet the other day, Southwest Airlines brother.  They gave me peanuts, I smiled, and I got where I was going.  And I scratch my head and wonder how could I do that?  It is exactly that.  Now, I want to take a moment in the Book of 1 Samuel 11, Jabesh-gilead is taken over by terrorists.  They sent the word to Israel, "We're going to gouge out the right eye of everyone in the village unless you come."  Nahash the Ammonite, he wanted to pick a fight with Israel.  That's what we're seeing right now.  The bible says that the word came to King Saul, and he rose up in anger and took a sword and cut up his prize oxen.  Now let me tell you what that is the equivalent of.  A tv evangelist taking a chain saw to his Rolls Royce because he is suddenly overcome by the outrage of his own life and what needs to be done and what needs to be said.  Some of these boys today, if they were the captain of the Titanic, they would've told the passengers, we stopped to get ice, well America hasn't stopped to get ice, she's sinking and whatever you are as a minister, and whatever you are as a pastor, that lifestyle is the last thing, you know, I'm gonna tell you, popularity, I'm saying this to every preacher in America, If God made you popular, that popularity is a line of credit, to be used up in the act of telling the truth.  And if God can't get you to tell the truth then that will be your single reward, is the fat lifestyle you've got, which is soon going to be swept away.  And I believe that the tsunamil you predicted in, that Patrick predicted in Ireland, there's going to be a worldwide global disgorging of every false security, that's why every Christian needs to be anchored in the 'Rock' Christ Jesus, and nothing else.  And if a pastor can't sit before his board and say, "This Sunday, I'm going to stand in my pulpit and declare that the bible is the inspired Word of God.  I'm going to stand with the reformers, with the men who have gone before me.  Men and women who have stood for that truth, and I'm going to speak it.  If we lose people, so be it.  But I believe we will gain the young.  We will gain true disciples.  We will gain a momentum, and he won't be awake at night devising plans for God to work, but he'll be surrendering to the purposes of Heaven and enforcing them on the Earth."  That's exactly what we need right now.  That's the breed of preacher we need right.  Now I'm not gonna paint with a broad brush stroke because there are many unknown powerful men of God in this country.  Men and women who pray, who are seeking God.  They don't have the features of success that seem to be the trademark, but let me tell you what, there are, there is an entire core of God's men and women and they're ready to stand up, and that's why a broadcast like this is so important.  You know, in some ways, Rick, Trunews, just cuts against the grain.  Then somebody might be saying that this program might be sandwiched between two doses of pop psychology and hybrid Christianity and suddenly hear you stand there and say what you're saying, but it's just the electrode paddles that we need right now.

Rick:  Mario...up until I

Mario: We need to get jump-started.

Rick:  Mario, up until last year, we couldn't get on Christian radio.  We were, we were a podcast and shortwave radio for....we're in our, we just started our 17th year.

Rick:  So up until...

Mario:  Wow!

Rick:  So up until last year, we were not on broadcast Christian radio stations.  We weren't welcomed.  There was no place for us.  Nobody wanted to hear this message.  But's like a light switch changed last year and suddenly...

Mario:  Yep!

Rick:  Christian radio stations started calling us and saying we want to broadcast Trunews.  Something's changed, but...

Mario:  Yes...

Rick:  But our message didn't change.  If you went back and listen to my programs from 1999, I was saying the same thing I'm saying today.  So God has blessed the consistency and He's provided for us and He's enlarging us and this is what I want to get across every minister of the gospel, don't hold back.  God, He will cover you. 

Rick:  He will bless you. 

Mario:  Yes!

Rick:  He will provide...

Mario:  Yes!

Rick:  ...for you.  Yes, you will suffer, uh,  rejection from people in your congregation in your denomination and so forth, but the Lord, the Lord will stand with you and He'll uphold you, and He'll bless your ministry if you will be bold for Him.

Mario:  That's it!  You know, Romans said,  "If God be for us, who can be against us?"  And I want to add, that if God isn't for you, who do you care that's for you?  Nobody who's for you, can protect you.  But if God is for you, nothing can stop you.

Rick:  Hey, you know, I joke here with our staff, that being bold for God in 2015, uh, the one positive thing about it, is that there is not alot of competition.

Mario:  No sir.  Heh! Heh! Heh!

Rick:  You don't have to worry about somebody trying to cut in on you, I mean because people are...preachers are running.  They're running away from standing for God.  So...

Mario:  Yes!

Rick:  It's like, "Hey the whole thing is here wide open, just stand for God!" Just stand...

Mario:  Yes!

Rick:  ...for Him!  And that's what we're doing, and that's what I, I like so much about your ministry Mario, you've never, I've followed you for years.  You've always been bold, you've always been on the cutting edge of telling people the truth.  You've traveled throughout the Nation and the world and you've hung out with some of the big names in Christian medium and mega churches.  Have you ever...have you ever been censored?  Have you ever had your sermons censored or been told don't go there?

Mario: I have been asked one time I was on a very large Christian network, and they handed me a piece of paper  that said, "Do not criticize homosexuality, Islam or Barrack Obama."  It was printed.  It said, "When you preach..."  and they said, "You can't go on the air unless you sign this..."

Rick:  Are you serious?  You had to sign a pledge?

Mario:  Yep!  And so when I...

Rick:  Folks...folks!  Wait, this is new to listen to what Mario is saying.

Mario:  Yeah!  Absolutely!

Rick:  A prominent Christian television network made him....

Mario:  One of the largest...

Rick:  Made him sign a pledge that he would not criticize homosexuality, Barrack Obama, or Islam.

Mario:  Right!  And so you know what I wrote on the piece of paper?  I signed it 'Elmer Fudd'.

Rick:  (deep controlled belly laugh)

Mario:  And then I went on the show and I looked into the camera and I said, "I was completely unprepared today to speak to you, but this network has provided me with three very wonderful subjects, so I'm gonna speak on em.

Rick:  Oh, hum hum, I love it...

Mario:  Now let me tell you what happened next, cause I'm sure you're curious.. Heh heh!

Rick:  Oh yes...

Mario:  It went out...and the, the wave of calls that came in, and reaction across the country was, "It's about time!".  "It's about time!".  They had totally miscalculated their audience.  They didn't even know who their audience was. So I was told well, you're not going to be on the air here anymore.  And then they called me back sheepishly and said, "Listen, there's a ground swell for this message.", and uh, it turned out that I got on the program with the president of the entire network and he sat there and he said, "This is what we need to be saying.  This is what we need to do."  You see the bible says in Proverbs, he who rebukes, will in the End, will have more favor than flatterers.  And this is what every preacher needs to understand, you're right Rick, when you talk about that initial sting of telling the truth.  And of course, we're not talking about gargling with gun powder and then shooting our mouths off.  It has to be a prayer-soaked, reasoned, and then finally laid at the alter of God.  Where you say, "Lord, I have no private opinion on this matter.  I need to say what you're telling me to say."  Now when a minister looks me in the eye, and says, "I do not believe that God is asking me to adress the sin of my generation."  There is a young guy in Atlanta that says that.  And he says, "You know what?  I'm not going to go there, because God doesn't want me to go there."  Well, I'm going to say it to you...he's a liar.  There's no way that's possible.  Because when God elevates you...and you...see...let me put it to you this way.  Go into the closet of prayer, until you feel God's heart and how it's broken and what it's broken for.  The miracle that we know as America, this incredible documents of the Constitution, and the Declaration of Independence, which are in fact, only one document, it shows a nation birthed by a miracle.  And that miracle is being impuned, it's being redacted, it's being redefined, and you're going to sit there and tell me that God has not asked you to fire a bullet at the satanic enemy?  Impossible!  You're asking too much.  The question is not, should you tell the truth, but when will you begin?  That's the key.

Rick:  Mario, I mentioned on yesterdays program, Psalm 94, I often, uh, look at this scripture for inspiration, and verse 16, it says, "Who will rise up for Me against the evildoers?

Mario:  Wow!

Rick:  "Who will stand up for Me against the workers of iniquity?"  And then in verse 20, "Shall the throne of iniquity, which devises evil by law, have fellowship with you?"

Mario:  Oh my goodness!

Rick:  So, the throne of iniquity devised evil by passing laws.

Mario:  Yes!

Rick:  And God says, "Who will rise up against the evildoers?"  There's, there's, there's an attitude in the Church, that we are not supposed to oppose this evil world because, you know, the bible says, it's going to go Hell anyhow, and we're just going to be raptured and taken away.  Well, we're supposed to be the salt of the Earth, and I don't understand why so many Christians are reluctant to take a stand against evil.  I mean this is go...we're not talking anymore Mario, about, you know, political corruption and uh, a county judge took a hundred dollar bill, ya know, we're talking about raw satanic evil wickedness...

Mario:  And arrogance!

Rick:  Yes!

Mario:  Unbridled arrogance!

Rick:  Because they do not respect or fear the Christian church anymore.

Mario:  And they show blatant contempt for everything that made this nation great.  And something has to be said.  I mean, Psalm 94 is never gonna be the same to me after today, brother Rick.  Ha ha ha!

Rick:  Uh hem..

Mario:  Never again, unfortunately, you just put a couple of silver bullets in my gun.

Rick:  Great!   I'm glad.

Mario:  That is a powerful, powerful insight.

Rick:  We have a general who gave his testimony about Christ saved him, and there is a movement of atheists and Christ haters who are demanding that the Air Force Courts-Martial him.  Yesterday, a Marine, a young woman in the Marine Corps, was Courts-Martialed, she wasn't threatened with it, she was Court-Martialed for having a bible verse on her computer.  Mario!

Mario:  What?

Rick:  Okay...

Mario:  Wow!

Rick:  There are tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of Christians in the U.S. Military, including generals, including the top officers.  I'm saying to them right now, in the U.S. Military, "Take a stand!"  "Take a stand!"  Right now!  You have to take a stand for Jesus Christ, inside the Military.  Either you buck and oppose this tyrant in the White House, or you general, may lose your Soul on Judgement Day.

Mario:  Absolutely!

Rick:  This is how serious this is...

Mario:  Absolutely! Absolutely!  This moment is so singular, that whatever camouflage was left, and whatever excuses survived, they've been obliterated.  And the thing that I've got to tell you, when I began to blog and our blog reached over 1.1 million readers, nobody could explain it because we didn't use video or any stuff, we just, daily I would write something and I made this point clear at the very beginning.  They said, "Why are you doing this?"  Because no one was doing it.  I said, "I'm doing this, I am not political, Obama became spiritual.  I didn't start and pick this fight.  He did.  I didn't go after him, he came after us."  And when he began to lie so cleverly and blatantly, and devised the means to rob the Church of her place.  Today, he doesn't even make any bones about it.  He never has anything to say about Islam.  He never has anything positive to say about Christianity.  And he's left us with no excuse.  And when I began this, I tell you, I paid a dear price.  But, and the one prophecy that, the prediction was, "You're gonna lose your youth audience."  This is how I gained it, my youth audience.  This is how the young people started coming.  Because they see it, they understand it, and they're willing to embrace it.  But you're right, there is no way that anyone can stand on neutral ground and say, "I don't see it,  I don't understand it,  and I can't speak to it."  You can't be silent.

Rick:  Mario...

Mario:  And you know, you said something, can I make just one more comment here?

Rick:  No, go ahead, do it...

Mario:  You know, you put a preacher on the air and this is what they do, but Mordecai said to Esther, "Look if you remain silent at this time, then God will raise up someone else, but you and your house will be destroyed."  So I want to look the pastor in the heart and say, "What is it that you hope to achieve by compromising and not speaking truth to power?  What is it you are hoping to achieve?  What is it that you are protecting?"  Let Mordecai resound through the centuries to you.  God is going to save America.  I believe that.  I have to believe that!  But I believe that those who say, "I have remained silent, to protect this, to protect this, and to avoid having to experience this."   You're going to experience everything that you are trying to avoid, by being silent.  And worse, it's a double-jeopardy.  Not only will your money, your career, and your reputation be wrecked and removed, but God will raise up someone else.  You could've been that man.  You could've been that woman.  You could've been that voice.  You could've been that Esther.  You could've been that Ezra. That Paul the Apostle, but instead, you capitulated.  And let me tell ya, whatever it is you're trying to protect, is unprotected.  Safety, you know, this is Matthew Henry, in it's commentary of Matthew 24, said these words, "You cannot be safe, so long as you are secure."  And it hit me.  Here is, however many years ago, that this man wrote this commentary, and he's saying in the End Times, there's going to be earthquakes, floods, kingdom will rise against kingdom, there will be turmoil, but he said that only those, who pursue obedience in God, that are safe.  Those who fight for personal security, cannot be saved.  You cannot be safe so long as you are secure.

Rick:  Mario are you anticipating that we are going to experience a severe wave of persecution against the Church here in the U.S. and in Western nations?

Mario:  See this is the thing about that.  The noose has been tightened, you know, and what people don't understand about persecution is they think it's going to come two degrees at a time.  No.  The way it works is, I'm looking at this military operation that's going to be in all the different states.  And some people...

Rick:  Jade Helm.

Mario:  ...think it's going to lead to Martial Law.  Some people...

Rick:  Yeah, Jade Helm!

Mario: know, they look at it.  I look at it this way, you know, I would love to have the proof that it's going to lead to Martial Law, but it doesn't matter.  There's a taunting nature to it.  Right at the moment when America most suspicious of it's government, it's almost like the military would have a sensitivity moment, that says, "This looks really much like Martial Law, like what everybody is scared of.", and they're not going out of their way, when they say stuff like, "Oh, well we've been the Army for 270 years or 240 years that does not ease a nervous nation.  So what I feel is, is what Christians have got to understand is that we are already the underground church.  Right now, we are.  We just haven't been given the courtesy of being told officially  that that's what we are.

Rick:  George Washington's army, didn't Courts-Martial soldiers for having a bible verse.

Mario:  No sir.

Rick:  In fact, George Washington ordered that bibles be given out to his soldiers.

Mario:  Yes sir.

Rick:  He commanded that their be regular times for prayer.  But we have a military today that is becoming anti-Christ, and this is the most frightening thing to me, is that the last institution in this country that we had respect for, and hope that it would never give in.  And that's the Military.  And now...

Mario:  Right!

Rick:  ...the Military has been taken over by the Obamanistas and we are now seeing Christians that are being Courts-Martialed, for being Christian.

 Mario:  And the term that drives me up the wall Rick, is, 'Shelter In Place'.  Because that term applied to toxic air, radioactive clouds, and the need for people to breathe safe air, by staying indoors.  So here we come to Boston, an entire massive American city, is shut down, won't call it Martial Law, just, 'Shelter In Place', and we're going after two boys.  And to me, it was like Rahm Emanuel, "Never waste a crisis."  And it's like the dictatorship that we currently under saying, "I'm going to test the stomach of the general population.  I'm going to do this outrageous act.  I'm going to make this outrageous statement."  And when there is no blow-back, he goes, "Aha, there's apathy.  I can work with that."

Rick:  Well this, that's the story of Hitler! 

Mario:  Yes!

Rick:  Hitler told the pastors what he was going to do, and when they didn't respond, he took that as weakness.

Mario:  Absolutely!  And remember when, in the Book of Acts, when Herod killed James, said, when he saw that it pleased the people, he arrested all the apostles.  These test balloons, these acts of outrageous insult blatant, you know, in his last fund raiser in Beverly Hills, just a few days ago, Obama did not invite the media.  He invited only bloggers and social network moguls, because he's saying, "I'm done with the regular news outlets.  I'm done with you."

Rick:  He used them.

Mario:  I don't need you.

Rick:  They're worn out whores.

Mario:  Right!  It's the battered wife that he's just discarded.  And it's amazing, amazing how that they're trying to use fear and intimidation.  And you know, don't get me started on the 501C3 which was our deal with the Devil from the beginning.  A device that was just there to keep men of God from speaking out what God had told them to say in their pulpits.  The idea that we needed tax exemption when the Church was already guaranteed tax exemption by the Constitution.

Rick:  In fact, the Church is tax immune.

Mario:  Exactly!

Rick:  The government doesn't exempt the church's gifts that the church's revenue is immune from taxation.  It was never Caesars in the first place.

Mario:  And that is why our good friend, Lyndon Johnson's end-run around the Bill of Rights and the First and Second Amendments of the Constitution are so, it's all come home to roost.  The pastors sit there, quivering, "Is the I.R.S. going to get a copy of my sermon?"  "Are they going to take away my tax exemption?"  And it's like there is a malignant cancer, and you are sitting there afraid of pimples.  And it is evident, that it's going to take an entirely new crop to come in now and fill...I can just see it now, like, "I am going to pick up the rifle that you put down."   "I'm going to pick up the sword that you won't hold."  "I'm going to pick up the weapon that you refuse to weild."  And they are young and they are excited, and they are courageous, and I'm telling you what, I'm going to work with them.  That's where I'm pouring all my life, and all my energy.  We're currently doing crusades called, 'Living Proof', and our target is youth.  We're bringing'em in.  We're telling them, listen, you need to know that America is a beautiful miracle and it's worth saving.  You need to know that your professor who's toking on legal Marijuana, medicinal, of course, is preaching stuff to you, that is going to cost you I.Q. points, and your legacy.  I can't tell you how seriously, youth are ready.  They're ready.  They just want someone to tell it like it is.  That's all.

Rick:  I'm not interested in holding the line and maintaining the status quo of what little freedom we have left.  We have to take back what we lost.

Mario:  Right!

Rick:  And that's going to cost alot.  The price to take it back, is going to be very expensive.  Uh, because the anti-Christ gang will have no qualms about using brute force to put down anybody who thinks that they're going to take back freedom and liberty in this country.

Mario:  Right!  Especially freedom of speech.

Rick:  That's right.

Mario:  Which the Left has, and everyone listening needs to get this part...They're not letting you have an opinion.  When your opinion opposes theirs, you are to be forced to be silent, or lose your job, or lose your employment and all of a sudden the Mark of the Beast is not some science fiction novel.  It is a true and present pressure on all of us.  Your job, your ability to work, to get a grade in college, is tied to following the narative of the company line.  And that's the one we need to fight.

Rick:  And whether Christians realize it or not, they are slowly conforming to the image of the Beast.

Mario:  Right!

Rick:  Instead of being formed in the image of Our Creator.  Mario, I've got to get you to come out to Vero Beach, we need you out here.  Ah, my guest...

Mario:  Tell me when brother...

Rick:  Right, all right.  My guest, Mario Murilla, his website  Anytime Mario, you're welcome to come back on the program.  God bless ya.

Mario:  Thank you Rick.

Rick:  Well, you heard it here, for the first time, a big Christian television network ordered Mario Murilla to sign a document before he went on television,  pledging that he would not preach against Islam, homosexuality, or Barrack Obama.  And all those three go together, don't they! Mario Murilla signed, 'Elmer Fudd', and he preached it anyhow.  My friends, this is why you need Trunews.  Even the Christian media is censoring the men of God.  You've got to keep Trunews going.  Get behind us and support us.