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     Updated           12/30/17

About My Site

As the leading provider of,  I take pride in offering the best links to news, podcasts, and viable media content, which will enhance your day to day life. I will also provide an alphabetical index of interesting topics of which I hope will benefit you and your family in these trying times. I am dedicated to serving the needs of our customers each and every day. My experience has been as a result of a  cumulative effort in listening to talk radio for several years now with information I've learned from the political, religious, spiritual, paranormal and emergency/survival memes. I ask that you please contact me with any questions, suggestions, or requests that you may find pertinent to which may benefit those visiting the site. Thanks! Godspeed...

              SERENITY PRAYER  

 God grant me the Serenity to accept

 the things I cannot change ...

 Courage to change the things I can

 and Wisdom to know the difference ...    



It's the new hate speech!

"During time of universal 

deceit,telling the truth    

becomes a revolutionary act."    

        - George Orwell